Governing Body Committees

The Governing Body has appointed committees to drive the CCG’s commissioning responsibilities on behalf of member GP practices. These include:

  • Audit Committee
  • Remuneration and Nomination Committee
  • Finance and Performance Committee
  • Clinical Commissioning Committee*
  • Quality and Safety Committee
  • Public and Patient Engagement Committee
  • Procurement Committee

The terms of reference of the Governing Body Committees are available here.

* The Clinical Commissioning Committee is a newly created committee, the terms of reference for which are due to be approved shortly.

When the minutes of committee meetings are approved these are then published as part of the Governing Body meeting papers.

Procurement Committee

The Procurement Committee is responsible for:

  • making decisions on the commissioning of healthcare services
  • overseeing procurement decisions and ensure the robust and transparent decision making in respect of the procurement of services.

The Procurement Committee was established by the Governing Body in 2014 and its membership excludes GP members to minimise conflicts of interest. From May 2017 the CCG Constitution has been updated to include delegated authority for the Procurement Committee in making procurement decisions up to a value of £500,000.  Procurement decisions that are over this level will be recommended to the Governing Body for approval.

The terms of reference for the Committee are available here and this includes membership which currently includes two lay members, a nurse member, a secondary care doctor, the Chief Operating Officer and the Deputy Chief Finance Officer.

Details of the CCG’s provider contracts register for 2017/18 and the Register of Procurement Decisions for 2017/18 are reviewed at each meeting of the Committee and these documents are available on the financial expenditure over £25,000 webpage.

The CCG has a clinical procurement strategy which has been written to comply with NHS England Guidance on Conflicts of Interest.