Governing Body membership

The composition of the Governing Body is laid out in the Enfield CCG's Constitution. The CCG Governing Body comprises the following positions:

  • the Chief Officer (also known as the Accountable Officer and currently acting across the five CCGs in North Central London). This is an executive position appointed by NHS England and the CCG.
  • the Chief Finance Officer (currently acting across the five CCGs in North Central London). This is an executive position.
  • Two Lay Members (one of whom shall be Vice Chair) – one with financial management and audit skills and one with patient and public engagement skills.
  • one Nurse representative (as required by the Health and Social Care Act 2012).
  • one Secondary Care doctor (as required by the Health and Social Care Act 2012)
  • a Practice Manager from a member practice within the area
  • two locality leads for each locality (Eight GP locality leads in total)
  • the Clinical Chair
  • a Clinical Vice Chair

The Governing Body has agreed to co-opt the following non-voting members:

  • a patient representative, elected from the Practice Participation Groups
  • an employee of the Local Authority
  • the Director of Public Health at London Borough of Enfield
  • a representative of Local Healthwatch


The eight GP members of the Governing Body are invited to nominate themselves for the role of GP Governing Body Locality Lead in the area in which they are based. The GPs are then assessed to establish if they meet the criteria for the role. If they meet the criteria they then become a candidate. If there are more than one candidate there will be an election conducted independently by Electoral Reform Services to establish who is elected. If there is only one candidate then that person is elected into the role unopposed.


The Accountable Officer and Chief Finance Officer are executive posts and are appointed according to guidance issued by NHS England.

There are five other posts listed above and these are appointed positions. For the recruitment and selection of these posts Enfield CCG follows the NHS England guidance Clinical commissioning group governing body members: Role outlines, attributes and skills.