Rainbow Lanyard scheme

Lanyard LR

As part of Enfield CCG's ongoing commitment to advancing lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT+) staff equality, we have launched an NHS rainbow lanyard Scheme. You may see Enfield CCG staff and staff at our member practices wearing these lanyards instead of the NHS blue ones.The rainbow lanyard is regarded as an open and visible commitment to building LGBT+ inclusive organisations.

We believe it’s important for us to be explicit about our commitment to advancing LGBT+ equality and send a clear message to our staff, Governing Body members and any organisations that we commission services from that prejudice and discrimination towards LGBT+ staff is unacceptable.

The aims of the rainbow lanyard scheme are:

  • To raise awareness about Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual (LGBT+) staff.
  • To show the CCGs’ commitment to advancing equality of opportunity for staff
  • To attract, develop and retain staff from LGBT backgrounds and support them to work without experiencing any prejudice or discrimination.
  • To support LGBT staff to feel comfortable coming out and feel respected.
  • To send a clear message to all employees and stakeholders that the CCGs do not tolerate any prejudicial behaviour, bullying or harassment towards LGBT staff.

The rainbow lanyard also aims to address the challenges that LGBT+ people often face in accessing healthcare. Enfield CCG's aim is to indicate that staff are supportive and happy to discuss people's needs when accessing our local services.