Cancer Awareness surveys

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Enfield CCG and Enfield Public Health successfully bid for transformation funding from NHS England to deliver a Cancer Awareness project in 2018/19 and 2019/20.

Cancer survival rates in England are higher than they have ever been and earlier diagnosis is a key part of improving survival rates further. Earlier diagnosis is critical to meeting our survival ambition, as it means patients can receive treatment when there is a better chance of achieving a complete cure.

The first phase of the project was a survey that took place from January to March 2019 to establish a baseline for current awareness of cancer symptoms and the national screening programmes. Healthwatch Enfield, Enfield Voluntary Action (EVA) and the local health champion team were recruited to undertake the survey with members of the Enfield public through targeted engagement and pop-up events. The survey was also promoted via a sustained online and print media campaign from the local authority marketing team. An easy read version of the survey was developed which enabled feedback from a demographic that has historically been under-represented in this type of survey.

The survey ran from January to March 2018 and received a total of 1659 responses, which were broken down into 67% female, 26% male and 7% not wishing to disclose their gender.

Findings of the survey have been analysed to understand what are the key symptoms that residents do not recognise as potential symptoms of Cancer and what are the common barriers to undertaking screening. These findings have informed the second phase of the project which was launched in July 2019 in Enfield Town. The launch was attended by over 200 people and had stalls from the Nightingale Trust, local Health Champions, Cancer Research UK and Macmillan.

The second phase again utilises the project’s key stakeholders, Enfield Healthwatch and Enfield Voluntary Action, to deliver "Talk Cancer" awareness workshops across the community.The timetable of workshops are scheduled to run until May 2019 and progress is monitored via the CCG’s Cancer Action Group.

The marketing campaign has also been extended in the second phase of the project, in particular to compliment the national Cancer awareness and screening campaigns.

Enfield’s model has been recognised as an exemplary piece of good practice and is currently being adopted by the other CCGs and Public Health teams in the North Central London sector.