Community education

Enfield CCG often visits community groups to engage with them. These visits are arranged by the Senior Engagement Manager and delivered by a local GP, often with a special interest in a health issues that particularly affects the group we are visiting.

Here are just a few examples of groups we have visited and what we talked about.

If you would like us to visit your group to talk about the local NHS or a health issue, please contact 0203 688 2840

Carers Centre

We commission a primary care liaison service from Enfield Carers Centre, and we also work closely throughout the year with the centre, and attend patient/carer groups as required. One of the most popular presentations we have given to the Carers Centre is "What to expect from your GP practice" which was aimed at helping carers to understand why different services may be available at different practices and to give them more confidence to navigate primary care and choose the best practice to support their health and the people they care for.

Deaf Forum

Enfield CCG works closely with Enfield Deaf Community Forum. We have visited the Forum, facilitated by Enfield Council, and we have also met with deaf users of local NHS services to discuss improvements. This presentation is an example of one of the discussions we had with the forum about improving local services, particularly access to primary care.

We welcome participation from the deaf community at all our public events too, and we are happy to book BSL translators to facilitate this.

Enfield Bangladeshi Welfare Association (EBWA)

We visited EBWA's keep fit and luncheon group and talked to them about cardiovascular health and diabetes. This is a group for the Over 50s and the talk was targeted around two of the key health problems we have in Enfield that affect this age group and ethnicity. According to the JSNA Cardiovascular disease is the biggest cause of death in Enfield, and the prevalance of diabetes is significantly higher than the national average. There are many undiagnosed patients, and people with diabetes in Enfield have a 22% higher chance of dying and a 78% higher chance of having heart failure than people without it.

We talked to the group about things they could do to keep their heart healthy and diabetes.The group were thrilled that Dr Sarit Ghosh also did some of the session in Bengali!

Enfield Turkish Cypriot Association (ETCA)

There is a large Turkish Cypriot population in Enfield compared to other parts of London - and Enfield is home to the largest Greek and Turkish Cypriot population outside of Cyprus. 

We visited ETCA's Luncheon club which is for older people to talk to them about diabetes, which has a high community prevalence. At this session, we were able to provide leaflets in English and Turkish to help people understand and manage their diabetes.

Enfield Volunteer's Organisers Network (EVON)

We spoke to EVON  about the CCG with the aim of encouraging more volunteering.


We work closely with PPGs and run an Enfield wide-network, but we visit individual groups too if we are invited.

Following the NHS England consultation on Over the Counter Medicines and also our local position statement on over the counter medicines we were invited to speak to Forest Primary Care Centre's PPG about these issues. Enfield CCG's Head of Medicines Management Paul Gouldstone led this session, which was an informal question and answer session. We followed up with a letter to the patients at the practice summarising the key points we discussed at the meeting.

We have also visited Forest Primary Care Centre and Boundary House (who organised a joint meeting) to talk to them about primary care funding.

Youth Parliament

Around 25% of the population in Enfield is under 25. As a health service, we need to ensure we are engaging with children and young people so that we design accessible services around their needs and preferences.

Engaging with this age group can be challenging, as young people are often in school, college or university and working adults are a hard to reach group. This age group is also generally healthy and the majority of contact with the NHS is around minor illnesses and injuries. However, it's important that we start to do education work with this group about how to use the NHS and to get their views on service development. We went to speak to the Youth Parliament about the Enfield Offer, which is a new investment in primary care services by the CCG and provided by our local GP federation across all practices.