We want to involve our patients and our wider population in the decisions that we need to make about commissioning (planning, buying and monitoring) health services for people in Enfield.

We are committed to putting the patient voice at the heart of our work and we regularly plan engagement events and other feedback opportunities. We also promote engagement opportunities and consultations from other NHS and partner organisations where they affect Enfield people.

If Enfield CCG is thinking about making changes to a contract for a currently commissioned healthcare service - for example: making changes to the type of service provided, delivering a different service, changing the location of the service or other access criteria or stopping a service, then we will ask service users and local residents for their views on our proposals. This is called a public consultation. We might also consult on a long-term plan to develop new services, strategies we are developing with partner organisations or other big plans to change the way care is delivered.

When we are developing proposals to change services, we always undertake both quality and equality impact assessments to identify how our proposals might affect our local population. During a public consultation we will provide you with a document to explain what changes are being proposed and ask you to complete a questionnaire to let us know your views. You can also view our draft equality impact assessment and comment on this as part of your response to the consultation. We analyse the results of these questionnaires to produce a consultation report which Enfield CCG will consider as part of the evidence before making a final decision. You can also email or post your thoughts to us and we will include these additional views as themes in the consultation report - but we encourage you to always fill in the consultation questionnaire too as this is will ensure that your comments directly respond to the questions we are asking. You don't have to fill in every question and there are opportunities to add additional comments. If you don’t want to write down your views you can voice your thoughts at one of the public meetings we hold.

All consultation materials we produce will be available in this section of the website. When we launch a consultation we send information out to a list of stakeholders and locations. We encourage people to share the information with their contacts so as many people can get involved as possible. We write to our member practices Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) along with patient support groups and voluntary sector organisations and we are happy to visit local groups during a consultation to talk about our proposals and to help people get involved.

If you would like more information on a consultation or to request consultation documents in other formats please contact or call 0203 688 2814.