Engaging with our communities

As the local leader of the NHS, we are committed to the principles in the NHS Constitution. These are the ways we will translate these values into our local communications and engagement plans:

  • Enfield CCG will take an active role in managing our local health economy and ensuring high quality services are available for local people.
  • We will work in partnership with other public sector organisations to ensure that we co-ordinate the planning and delivery of local services to ensure that we do not duplicate work. This includes working with Enfield Council on the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), our providers to continuously improve local health services and the other four CCGs in north central London.
  • We will encourage patients to be involved at every stage of our annual commissioning cycle.
  • We will build relationships with our stakeholders and involve patients in our decision making.
  • We will work with all patient representatives and are keen to engage with a more diverse group of patients and public, particularly those who have historically been less engaged. We will achieve this through our Patient Participation Groups (PPGs), Patient and Public Engagement Committee, Voluntary and Community Stakeholder Reference Group (started in September 2015) and by working with patient groups, Healthwatch, and local voluntary, faith and community groups.
  • Where requested, we will provide information in different media and formats to meet the needs of individuals and groups.
  • We will ensure that feedback from patients and carers is heard and helps to improve the quality and safety of all local services.
  • We will take the lead in ensuring that quality and safety measures are embedded into all our contracts and that we work with our providers to measure their performance.
  • We will work closely with expert service users such as carers groups and patient groups for people who have conditions such as diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, to ensure we understand how we can improve services.
  • Where we want to redesign the delivery of some local services we involve service users in redesigning the patient pathway.
  • We understand that people are passionate about the NHS. In making commissioning decisions, we will respect people’s views but also balance these carefully with other considerations such as clinical effectiveness and financial limitations.
  • We will be open about how we reach decisions that reflect that balance.
  • We will focus on engagement, but consult where necessary.
  • We will be clear about when we are offering ‘information’ and when we are ‘consulting’. We will be honest about what the consultation process can achieve and will feedback the results of consultations. If we cannot meet all that is asked of us, we will explain why. We will only consult on issues where consultation can make a real difference.