Individual Funding Requests

What is an individual funding request (IFR)?

An individual funding request (IFR) is a request for NHS funding for treatment that is not normally available and one which is only paid for under certain circumstances.

How can I make an individual funding request?

The IFR process is clinically led. This means that a patient will need the support of a clinician (usually the patient’s GP or hospital consultant) to make a case on their behalf and only if the clinician considers there to be clinical grounds for the request. The IFR policy provides details of the full process. Please see link below.

IFR applications can be made to NHS Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), via the NHS NEL Commissioning Support Unit (CSU), by the patient’s GP or another GP from the practice, or the clinician to whom the patient has been referred. 

Please note that there are a number of specialised services and treatments that are commissioned separately by NHS England which has its own IFR route.

What does the application process involve?

IFR applications are taken through a formal weekly triage and, where this is appropriate, referred on to a clinically led IFR panel, which is generally held monthly. The IFR panel takes a number of factors into consideration including clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness, grounds for exceptionality and equality considerations for other similar patients.

Fertility treatment funding

There are some interventions and treatments where NHS Enfield CCG have agreed criteria or referral routes that would need to be followed in order for the treatment to be provided. One such treatment is IVF treatment where GPs refer to the Homerton Fertility Centre if the eligibility criteria to receive funding for fertility treatment are met. The Fertility policy sets out the eligibility criteria.

Further information

The clinical applicant needs to submit an IFR application but both patients and clinicians can contact the IFR team at NHS North and East London CSU directly. The IFR team cannot give out information about the case decision, but they can provide an update on the progress of a request and when the clinical applicant is likely to be informed of the decision.  The IFR team can be reached on 020 3688 1290 which is manned from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.