Announcement of PPG election results

We are pleased to announce that Litsa Worrall, Chair of Arnos Grove Medical Centre's PPG in the South West Enfield locality has been elected to the role of PPG representative on our Governing Body and Patient and Public Engagement Committee for a three year term.

The election process was managed externally by Electoral Reform Services and the results of this election have been independently verified.

The elected PPG candidate is the voice of our member practice's Patient Participation Groups and according to our Constitution, they are a non-voting member of the Governing Body with speaking rights only. The elected PPG representative will also sit on our Patient and Public Engagement Committee, which is the sub-committee of the Governing Body responsible for the delivery of the communications and engagement strategy and equality and diversity duties. At committee level, the elected PPG representative will help us to ensure that our communications and engagement plans meet the needs of our diverse communities and also help us to understand how to work with and support the further development of PPGs. The elected PPG representative will also chair the PPG network meetings and work closely with PPGs all to listen to their views and help them to work collectively together.

We believe that we are the first CCG in the country to have a democratically elected PPG representative on our Governing Body. We hope that every PPG group in Enfield will take an active role in supporting and working with their chosen representative to ensure that they are representing their views at the highest level of our organisation.

Enfield CCG would like to thank you all our member practice's PPGs for their interest and support in the PPG election process and the important work that these groups do to support patients and improve local health services.