Chase Farm feasibility and options appraisal study

NHS Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) commissioned an independent review to assess the current capacity of primary care provision in the north west of the borough and to ascertain whether the land reserved for primary care services as part of the development of the Chase Farm Hospital site was required. The review by North London Estate Partnerships took place over a 5 month period and was completed in November 2018.

The independent report findings indicate that the north west of the borough is the least densely populated when compared with other parts of Enfield and that population growth here is predicted to be relatively low over the next decade. The independent report noted the present number and capacity of GP practices in the locality, together with the planned extension of Carlton House Surgery and proposed development and relocation of White Lodge Medical Centre.

The land reserved for primary care use on the Chase Farm Hospital site as part of the Section 106 agreement, has no monetary value as such and if developed, the costs of the land and construction, as well as all other associated costs, would need to be met.  If the reserved land is declined now, Enfield CCG still has the option to revise this decision up until 2026 should our requirements change.

The independent report concluded that there is sufficient provision of primary care in the north west locality of Enfield for the current and future population and at present there is no requirement for the reserved land at the Chase Farm Hospital site. Enfield CCG has therefore decided not to take up the offer of the reserved land for primary care use at this time, but we will continue to review and evaluate our position to ensure there is adequate provision to meet the primary care health needs of the local population.

Enfield CCG will continue to focus on improving the use of existing facilities as well as refurbishing and expanding current primary care estate, especially in those areas where population growth is highest.