Enfield primary care access service update

NHS Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) currently commissions three Primary Care Access Hubs to deliver GP and practice nurse appointments to all patients registered with a GP practice in Enfield. The hubs operate from:

  • Carlton House Surgery
  • Evergreen Primary Care Centre
  • Woodberry Practice

Enfield CCG is pleased to confirm:

  • The service is valued and has high patient satisfaction rates
  • Patients from across the whole of Enfield are accessing the hubs
  • Utilisation of the hubs is increasing overall with weekday evenings being the most popular with patients

Enfield CCG advised that it would review how well the three hubs were being utilised in June 2017 to decide if a hub in the north east of the borough was required. As previously confirmed in March 2017, a hub was not commissioned in the north east of the borough as an accessible surgery premises was not identified by the bidder. 
This review has now been completed and a number of recommendations were considered and approved by the procurement committee at its meeting on 12 July 2017.

  • Utilisation of weekday evenings is most popular and we will work with the hub providers to match increased capacity on a weekday by moving appointments not being used on Sundays to weekday evenings to improve access where the demand is highest.
  • Current utilisation rates of the three hubs does not support commissioning an additional hub in the north east of the borough at this time.
  • Patients registered with all thirteen practices in the north east of the borough are accessing these appointments at all three hubs, accounting for 50% of patients seen at Carlton House Surgery.

The report which was presented to the procurement committee will be published in due course.
Enfield CCG will undertake a further review of the service in December 2017 to decide if a hub in the north east of the borough is required and if there are any other changes that would improve access for Enfield residents.