Flu season is here again – get your free flu jab!

When the weather is cold it is particularly important for certain groups of people to get their free flu vaccination.  Flu can turn serious very quickly for high risk groups and in some extreme cases it can even be fatal.

You are eligible for a free vaccination if you are:

• over 65
• pregnant
• living with a long-term health condition (particularly long-term heart or lung disease)
• a child aged two, three and four – or in school years 1, 2 or 3
• the main carer if an older or disabled person
• a frontline health or social care worker

Children can receive their vaccination as a nasal spray instead of a needle injection. The nasal spray is quick, painless, and effective.

Eligible adults can get the vaccine for free via their GP, or, alternatively, at many local pharmacies.

It is best to have the flu vaccination in the autumn before any outbreaks of flu. Remember that you need it every year, so don’t assume you are protected because you had one last year.

Dr Mo Abedi, local GP and Chair of NHS Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said:

“It is vital that people who are eligible for the flu jab have it every year, as each year the vaccine is specially made to guard against the particular types of flu that might come our way. So don’t put off getting the flu vaccination. If you’re eligible get it now. It’s free because you need it.

“It’s important to remember that for most of us, although unpleasant, flu clears up on its own within a week by taking plenty of rest, lots of fluids and over-the-counter medication for aches, pains and temperatures.”

More information about how to look after your and your family’s health this coming winter is available on the NHS Choices website: http://www.nhs.uk/staywell/