Paediatric assessment unit consultation

We would like to thank everyone for their contributions to this consultation. Every individual contribution was analysed and the collective feedback was themed and used to compile a consultation report. Following a review of all the information gathered during the consultation period, a recommendation was made to the CCG's Governing Body meeting on 15 March 2017. The decision that the Governing Body made is explained below.

Decision of the Governing Body

Following a thorough review of clinical data and feedback gathered during the consultation period,  the recommended action to the Governing Body was that the Chase Farm PAU should be redesigned from its current form. Enfield CCG’s Governing Body agreed this decision at their meeting on 15 March 2017, giving the instruction that the PAU at Chase Farm should be redesigned from its current form and a new model of care implemented.  Enfield CCG is working closely with the provider of the Chase Farm PAU, the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, to implement the new model of care.  The current Chase Farm PAU will close on 19th June 2017, and from this date children and young people triaged in the Urgent Care Centre who require to be seen by a paediatrician will i) if urgent be transferred the same day to the PAU at Barnet Hospital or North Middlesex University Hospital, ii) if less urgent will be given a rapid access outpatient appointment within two weeks, and iii) all other children who require an outpatient appointment will go through the normal route via their GP.

About this closed consultation (17 October 2016-15 January 2017)

We want to hear your views about our proposed changes to the Paediatric Assessment Unit at Chase Farm Hospital

The Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU) at Chase Farm Hospital is open from 9am-9pm, every day. The service is led by a Paediatric Consultant supported by nurses and is co-located with the Urgent Care Centre. It sees and treats children between 0-18 years old who have minor illnesses, injuries or a worsening long-term condition like asthma.

The PAU is not a self-referral unit. Ninety-four per cent of children attending the Urgent Care Centre are managed within the Urgent Care Centre, with very few children referred into the PAU.  Access to the PAU is usually through a patient’s GP who requests a referral to the service or via a clinician at another service, such as the Urgent Care Centre. The PAU also provides telephone advice to local GPs. 

Enfield CCG is proposing changes to the way that the care for children is currently delivered at the Chase Farm Hospital site. We are proposing to close the PAU at the Chase Farm site and introduce a different model of care which will deliver better care for children.

We would like to hear your views on our proposal to decommission (close) the current PAU service.

  • Children with urgent care needs would still be seen and managed within the Urgent Care Centre;
  • Some children may require a transfer to Barnet Hospital or North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust for more specific paediatric care and those transfers will continue as they do now;
  • However there will be some children who would benefit from seeing a paediatrician but will not have immediate needs. Those children will therefore be given access to an urgent outpatient appointment within two weeks. 

We would particularly like to hear from those affected by the proposals, but everyone’s views are welcome as this consultation affects the way the CCG spends public money on healthcare.

The consultation commences on Monday 17 October 2016 and closes on Sunday 15 January 2017.

For more details please download the consultation document and the frequently asked questions document.

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