Patient and Public Engagement Committee

Enfield CCG has Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) Committee, which is one of six subcommittees of the Governing Body with clear functions as described in Enfield CCG's Constitution.

The PPE Committee meets six times a year and members include Healthwatch, a voluntary sector representative, public health, the elected PPG representative, CCG staff and Governing Body members. The PPE Committee oversees the discharge of the CCG’s statutory collective and individual participation duties in the Health and Social Care Act 2012, as well as the delivery of our equality and diversity duties.


The functions of the Patient and Public Engagement Committee are to:

  •  oversee the development and implementation of the Engagement and Communication Strategy, and Equality and Diversity Strategy, and implementation plans;

  •  embed strategies with relation to equality and diversity, including informing the Governing Body of their responsibility with regards to the Equality Action 2010;

  •  address ways in which to increase wider patient and public involvement and engagement;

  •  monitor any patient participation sub-groups and their membership

  •  promote and improve patients’ self-management in both primary and secondary care interface.

The Governing Body has approved and keeps under review the terms of reference for the PPE Committee. The PPE Committee reports to the Governing Body and you can access these reports here.

The CCG Annual Report and Accounts includes a summary of the work of the PPE Committee each year.

The Voluntary and Community Stakeholder Reference Group, Patient Participation Group Network and the Patient Reference Group all report to the PPE Committee.