Patient Reference Group

In 2018 Enfield CCG's Patient and Public Engagement Committee agreed the set-up of a new Patient Reference Group (PRG). The group was proposed to be set up in response to comments from the 2017 360 Stakeholder Survey which identified that more engagement was needed, including more targeted engagement with stakeholders at all stages of the commissioning cycle.

The PRG is chaired by the CCG's Lay Member for Patient and Public Engagement. The group will meet at least four times a year and will report to the CCG's Patient and Public Engagement Committee. In between meetings, the CCG may contact group members by email or other e-communications methods.

The PRG has nine patient representatives - all will be registered with Enfield CCG member practices.  

Meeting dates 2020

30 January 2020 - Agenda, Reference Group, Consultation Presentation, Improving orthopaedic surgery, Survey, Summary

Meeting dates 2019

4 July 2019 - AgendaAppendix AAppendix B, Appendix CAppendix D (Policy Update) Appendix D (Knee), Appendix D (Hip)Appendix (Cataract)Appendix E (Orthopaedic Review) 

Note: The October 2019 meeting was cancelled, and could not be rearranged before Christmas because of the UK General Election 2019.