Patient stories

Stories told by individuals about their experiences in a healthcare setting can provide us with an opportunity to understand the care they have received. Learning about people's needs and personal perspectives of their care helps us to understand the good, the bad and what could be done to improve patient experience and quality.

We want to hear your health and wellbeing stories to help us to understand how to make  health services in Enfield even better.

Do you live with a long term condition such as heart failure or diabetes? Maybe you are a user of local mental health services. Did you lose weight, or manage to recover from an episode of poor health? Or maybe you're in good health and you want to share with others how you stay healthy and happy.

Whatever your health story, we would like to hear from you.

Please fill in our online questionnaire. This questionnaire is anonymous and we will share your story to help us with planning and monitoring local health services. If you need help with filling in the questionnaire, or if you require it in another format, you can contact

Patient stories are not complaints. If you  would like to pass on a compliment or make a complaint you can make this directly to the service that provided your care