PPG elections



We are pleased to announce that following an interview and selection process, two candidates have been put forward for election as the Patient Participation Group representative on our Governing Body.

Each of our member practice's Patient Participation Groups (PPG) will have a vote and the election will decide which candidate will democratically represent the views of all our PPGs on our Governing Body.

Letter updating PPGs on the election process 

Election timeline


The candidates have submitted biographies to explain to the PPGs why they would like to be nominated for this new role.


Litsa Worrall, Chair of Arnos Grove Medical Centre's PPG in the South West Enfield locality, says:

 "I have been in Health & Social Care for the last twenty years and have loved every minute of it. I am a CEO of a local Enfield Charity and I participate on various Health and Social Care boards. I am a verbal participant and I enjoy representing the voluntary sector and the members from the organisation I work for. I am currently one of the selected reps to the Enfield CCG and have found it to be both exciting and interesting. I have for years wanted GP’s to talk to patients outside of the surgery environment to discuss how things can be done differently to enhance both the experience of the patients and the GP’s experience.

This role gives us the patient that opportunity to start thinking about different ways to work with each other. It is important to note that I believe this role is about enhancing the ways the GP works for the benefit of the patients. 

I have a lot to offer and I am not shy in expressing the views of patients. I would be honoured to represent you on the Board of the Enfield CCG."



Lorraine Eytle, Chair of Dean House Surgery's PPG in the North East Locality, says:

"Over the past ten years I have suffered various forms of cancer. I am very grateful for the care of the NHS and my GP practice and the NHS hospitals. My illnesses have brought me into close contact with the providers of healthcare and more importantly with the users of healthcare. My overall impression is that the voice of the patient is too low key. Having experienced a range of NHS care from excellent to not so good, I would like to share this experience and be a part of the group that focuses on providing an outstanding service and would like to contribute to the provision of that service by carrying out this role."