Patient Participation Groups

About Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) in Enfield

All of our GP member practices have Patient Participation Groups (PPGs). PPGs are patient groups that exist to create a partnership between patients and the GP practice, so they can work together to improve services provided by the practice. PPG meetings are usually chaired by a patient and are supported by GP practice staff, however they can also be chaired by practice managers, GPs and practice nurses. Some practices operate a "virtual" PPG, where patients are usually contacted via email.

How you can get involved in your practice's PPG

If you would like to join your PPG, please contact your GP surgery.

If you are a PPG Chair or member and would like to contact the CCG about the support we can offer your group or to join our mailing list please email: or call 0203 688 2814.

How we are working to support PPGs in Enfield

One of Enfield CCG's engagement priorities is to support the development of PPGs in order to promote meaningful public involvement and encourage more patients to get involved in shaping their local NHS, including primary care services. 

Since Enfield CCG took over as local leader of the NHS in April 2013 we have supported the development of our member practices' PPGs by:

  • Successfully helping all our member practices to establish a PPG by July 2014.
  • Recruiting two interim PPG representatives on to our Patient and Public Engagement Committee and Governing Body in 2014 to feedback the views of patients from our member practices.
  • Developing a PPG network in 2014 and providing these events. These events were chaired by the interim PPG representatives, and now by the elected PPC Chair and are patient-led.
  • Engaging with PPG members and chairs to get a patient perspective on the developments in local health services as part of our Transformation Programme.
  • Sending information to PPGs about engagement opportunities with Enfield CCG, NHS England and other NHS providers.
  • Attending individual PPG meetings on request to provide information about the CCG and patient involvement.
  • Providing training to PPGs Chairs, members and practice staff that support them.
  • Sponsoring membership of the National Association for Patient Participation (N.A.P.P.) in 2014/15 for all PPGs who applied

PPG election

Our Constitution allows us to appoint an elected PPG representative to our Governing Body. As all our practices had established PPGs by July 2014, we ran an election process in early 2015. The election process was designed using the learning from appointing our interim PPG representatives. The process and application packs were discussed and endorsed by our Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) Committee and our Governing Body. All our PPG groups were also given the opportunity to feed back on the process before the election began in January 2015. The election was managed independently from Enfield CCG by Electoral Reform Services. Every PPG had one vote and groups met to agree the candidate that they would vote for. A patient nominated by the PPG returned the vote.

We are pleased to announce that Litsa Worrall, who served as one of the interim PPG representatives was the successful candidate. Litsa will sit on the Governing Body and Patient and Public Engagement Committee to ensure that the CCG hears views of PPGs. Litsa will also Chair the PPG network meetings and be the spokesperson for Chairs and PPG members in Enfield. If you would like to contact Litsa please email:

Next steps

We believe we are the first CCG in England to have such an elected PPG representative on the Governing Body. PPGs will continue to support their practices, as well as working together in a network, with a strong democratic voice. The Communications and Engagement team at Enfield CCG will continue to support all the PPGs to develop individually and as a network of volunteers.