Understanding the NHS

The NHS has always been made up of many different organisations who work together to provide your care. In 2013, the whole system was restructured by the Health and Social Care Act 2012. NHS.uk has a good overview of the new NHS system and key organisations on their website.

Understanding the NHS can be difficult. Patients in Enfield have produced their own jargon buster. We use this jargon buster at meetings and patients are encouraged to challenge our staff if they are speaking toon much jargon! The CCG keeps this up to date and uses it to support engagement activities. 

We also recommend these alternative jargon busters:

  • The NHS Confederation has produced a comprehensive list of more than 700 NHS acronyms and abbreviations and this is also available as an app from iTunes or Google Play.
  • If you are baffled by general medical acronyms NHS Employers have produced their own acronym guide.