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Volunteering opportunities with Enfield CCG

Enfield CCG is committed to planning and commissioning high quality services for local people and we are committed to engaging patients in this work. We are always looking for patients or carer volunteers that can help us to improve local services by feeding back their user experience.

This page will contain details of our latest voluntary opportunities.

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Opportunities in 2019

We’re looking for volunteers to join a patient reference group to improve local Phlebotomy (Blood Test) services

Enfield CCG is committed to planning and commissioning high quality services for local people. We are committed to involving people in improving local services. As part of our local Transformation Programme, we are looking to improve local phlebotomy services so that they can provide faster, better care for patients.

We want to invite patients/service user representatives to help us to transform local phlebotomy services. The role of the patient/user representatives is to speak on behalf of other patients and carers of the service. The Patient Reference Group (PRG) will meet every two weeks and will support this Transformation Programme to develop new pathways of care.

Role specification

Patients/service user representatives who volunteer for this role are welcome to feedback as individual users of the NHS, or they can join this group as a link between the CCG and patient/voluntary sector groups.

Patients/ service user representatives who express an interest will be asked to attend a Phlebotomy Patient Reference Group (PRG) meeting at Holbrook House in Cockfosterswhich will take place every two weeks for a period of at least two months.

The aim of the PRG is to develop new high quality, safe and effective models of care for ophthalmology that meet the needs of local residents and which are provided in the right setting, delivered by the right professional, at the right time in a financially sustainable environment. The Phlebotomy Transformation Programme will be informed and influenced by the views and experiences of the PRG to ensure that decisions about service planning and the delivery of care are influenced by patients and carers.

Terms of appointment and accountability

We would like the patients/user representatives to stay with this project for its life cycle which is estimated to be until October 2019.

A CCG commissioning manager will Chair the Patient Reference Group. The Terms of Reference will explain how the Patient Reference Group will work together to achieve the aims of the Phlebotomy Transformation Programme.

Financial support

User involvement representatives can claim for legitimate expenses incurred in the role e.g. travel costs. If you think that you will incur expenses, please discuss this when you are appointed to ensure that the CCG will be able to reimburse you for them. Proof of expenses will need to be provided and claims will be processed and paid by the Transformation Programme.

Person specification

We want to offer a supportive environment for patients/user representatives to work with the CCG and to help improve the NHS. You will play an important role in shaping and improving local health services and this is a role that will require commitment and attention to detail, so we ask that you:

  • Be objective and have a balanced approach drawing on and using their own and others experience to contribute to group debates and decisions.
  • Be committed to working collaboratively and seeking solutions
  • Be prepared to voice the opinions of service users as well as their own and contribute to debates
  • Commit to attend meetings, including doing any necessary reading or preparation
  • Be aware of the content of any guidelines, protocols, policies and key documentation that is related to the project and be confident in commenting or questioning as appropriate
  • Actively seek opportunities for developing skills and knowledge
  • Actively work with the patients they represent to ensure the views put forward are representative


If you are interested in working with other patients and the CCG to help improve access to NHS blood test, please email enfccg.communications@nhs.net or telephone 0203 688 2840.

Other volunteering opportunities

We regularly advertise volunteering roles. Please contact enfccg.communications@nhs.net to add your details to our mailing list or follow us on Twitter @EnfieldCCG.